Few Words
Welcome to Your Online Billboard! We’ve created this platform to help people promote their services, products, thoughts, ideas, news, business and just whatever they want. At our virtual Salem you get not only a well-designed poster, but also a promotional package of a basic marketing plan. We hope you'll find Your Online Billboard useful for any business purpose as well as fun and amusing. The service is ridiculously easy-to-use and scrolling down you’ll find the proof, and in case you still have some questions, just find a minute to type it and send us:)
How we can help you
Real commercial billboard
Billboard advertising makes it possible to promote any products, services or events. It’s a channel to place ads for growing your online presence and develop white hat link building strategy.
Show yourself to the world
So show yourself off to the entire world in such a traditional and at the same time odd way. Let your product, service, personality, video, song, brand new idea speak to the community and, thus, send your message to all users. With Your Online Billboard it is so easy to become a part of this great online community in few clicks!
Get link to your site
Already running an online business? Get a lifelong permalink to your site, store or resource with the help of Your Online Billboard. Forget about one of the worst SEO horrors - a leak of links to your site. Consider our service as online marketing tool that helps you generate new leads
Get our traffic almost free
If you have an impression that Your Online Billboard is a some kind of a silly game, it is high time you found out how helpful it could be for getting more traffic. Our team of tech-savvy engineers, advertisers, and marketing managers are constantly working on attracting even more traffic to the platform and its users. Just imagine that you can reach out to new different audiences from all over the globe and make them interested in your product!
Congratulate someone
We encourage you keep the track of remarkable moments of your life and your nearest and dearest ones. Create an original love confession, propose or anniversary congratulation …in such an unusual way. We’re sure that it will be one of the most heartwarming and spectacular congrats.
Leave your step in history
Once you step at the porch you become our guest for a very long time. All data will be stored there as long as project will exist. Domain and hosting auto renew is once in 10 years.
Just fun
Or just have some fun by showing to the world whatever you want - we don’t limit your imagination;)
How to buy
Usually, it can take from just a few days up to weeks to select a suitable place for advertising and filling all the necessary documents. But here you only need a couple of minutes and a few clicks. To buy your online billboard simply follow these few
  • Go to the "BUY BILLBOARD FOR JUST 1$" page
  • Choose and upload what you want to show
  • Enter a short title and a link (optional)
  • Set the duration and choose start date/time
  • Enter some of your personal data
  • Agree to the terms and click "CONTINUE"
  • Verify the data and if all is correct, click "BUY"
  • Enjoy!
  • You can place any text, image or video content that do not contradict Terms of Services.
  • You can choose any available date, time and duration of running your billboard.
  • Your content will be shown until time come for the next one.
  • Links shouldn’t contradict Terms of Services.
  • In case the purchase was made with incorrect data or link, money can’t be refund. All transactions are final.
  • Service is not responsible for the content of the materials posted by users.
  • In case of violations, the banner will be instantly removed without a refund.
1. Nice service but isn’t it a fraud? How can I trust you?

YourOnlineBillBoard.com is officially registered, owned and fully operated by IIG Global®, S.L. You can find lots of information about us in open sources.

2. How can I be sure you’ll definitely show my ad?

If it doesn’t contradicts ToS, it will appear on the banner for sure. The whole system is completely automatic so time and duration is completely on you.

3. Is it safe to make Payments through your service?

All payments made via PayPal Payment system and therefore all payment information is on behalf of PayPal. There is nothing safer. All your personal information is unavailable for third parties.

4. There is also a small banner with a title “Your banner is here”. Can I rent it?

Yes. It can be rented for a long-term. For this write us at Contact form.

5. I have made a payment but nothing happened. What should I do now?

Write us straight away via a Contact form with the case "Payment Problem". We’ll check all data and logs; if the issue is on our side, we’ll refund money back or offer an alternative decision.

6. Why I got Invoice with the #10 and did not received achievement for 10th buyer

Some people stop their buying process at the middle. Our system generates the invoices automatically and 1 by 1. It means some who did not pay for the billboard reserved invoice number which will be saved in our database. We never use duplicated invoice numbers.